PVGP: Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix 2014

Traveling to events around the country—and particularly to large world-renowned shows—occasionally has a numbing effect on the appreciation of spectacular automotive gatherings, but every so often an exception arises. This past July, on the rolling hills and sharp ravines of Pittsburgh's beautiful Schenley Park, I came to understand the long-running Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix to be one such an exception. PVGP's gorgeous landscape, stunning automotive features, and welcoming city atmosphere afforded attendees the perfect balance of pleasant social gatherings and vintage racing thrills, and the show's prevailing, 32-year charity element adds another level of authenticity to the affair. Perhaps this distinct emotional difference is because, at it's core, PVGP is a driver's event, and one which embodies everything that type of gathering should entail. The event is a worthwhile addition to any national calendar for enthusiasts of any vehicular interest, and the feeling of attending an elaborate club meet above a legitimate vintage race run on weather-worn city streets (featuring gorgeous architecture, sweeping bridges, and narrow, stone-wall-lined hairpins) is a feeling that can't be replicated elsewhere in the United States.

Enjoy the video, and be sure to check out our M4 Hot Lap video to see a more detailed perspective of the course (and the raw speed of BMW's twin-turbo M4). Read more about PVGP: Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix 2014


Timeless: Chrysler Traveler at The Vermont Country Store

The Mildred's Cruise-In at The Vermont Country Store in Weston, VT is a great small gathering beside the dairy bar of the same name. It's a fantastic location that completes the mid-20th century atmosphere, and one which I myself enjoy attending when I can. But among the vehicles in attendance at the final evening of the season was this Chrysler Traveler, and between the ambiance of Mildred's and The Vermont Country Store, and the exquisite quality of this particular Traveler (a recent acquisition of the Store itself), I felt it deserved its own feature.

Enjoy the quick video, and stay tuned for more film releases in the (very) near future. Read more about Timeless: Chrysler Traveler at The Vermont Country Store


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Real Drivers: Morgan 3 Wheeler

I think it’s safe to say that the Morgan 3 Wheeler has had one of the largest lust-to-power ratios of any vehicle on the road in the last few years. It’s also a vehicle that I’ve sought to film since I first saw this very car near my hometown two years ago. And when I finally got the opportunity to spend some time with the car and its fascinating owner a few weeks ago during the production of the film you see above, I realized that there was so much about the 3 Wheeler that is so fascinating, yet so unknown.

So while sharing with the world the emotional perspective of 3 Wheeler ownership with the video featuring Morgan driver Michael Hardyman in the video above remains my main objective, I’ve also decided to compile some of the facts that I learned during my experience with a vehicle that is so magnificent and bespoke, yet remains at the same time so lustfully simple. And while my brief collection may not bring you as close to the Morgan 3 Wheeler as Hardyman’s nearly 11,000 miles have brought him to his, it should shed some more light on this mysterious and trivia-laden (yet surprisingly easy to attain) three-wheeled creation. Read more about Real Drivers: Morgan 3 Wheeler

BMW M4: Hot Lap at Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix (Video)

As those of you who follow the Hitting Redline Facebook page may be aware, HRL attended Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix this past July, and by the time the four-day trip had ended, we were left with some incredible experiences and a new must-see event to add to the automotive calendar. Among these was the time we got to spend with Mike Renner of the BMW Performance Driving School, setting up an array of cameras on the Performance Center's brand new BMW M4 as it lapped the PVGP circuit. The result was the video above, and while more PVGP content will be coming from Hitting Redline, this video should serve as a teaser of sorts until then.

In addition to the video, a brief editorial piece to accompany it is available on Jalopnik.com that discusses the M4, modern sports cars, and why - sometimes - modification might not be the answer.

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BMW M3 E93: Full Detail

The BMW M3 has been throughout its five generations a staple of the automotive enthusiast community, and the epitome of what a sports car should be. But as the model becomes more commonplace - and as previous generations become more affordable - it's easy to forget that every M3 is a vehicle designed for enjoyment and perfection in the sports car realm, and as one looks closely at the visual elements that come together to create the car, the E92/90/93 series is no exception. In this video, take a look at some of the beautiful details of the E93, shown here in a beautiful blue-black paint, as it undergoes a detail by Nick Parente of Parente Mobile Detailing.

Enjoy the video, and keep an eye out for upcoming video releases. Read more about BMW M3 E93: Full Detail


Manchester Car Show 2014: Video

The Manchester Car Show was a staple of my youth for many years, and remains one for the town of Manchester, Vermont. Even in its "new" venue at Dorr Farm, the show draws in about 400 cars over its two-day run, filling Manchester (itself a town of 3000) with a century's worth of beautiful and well-kept vehicles.

In this video of the show, take a look at a number of rare and unique vehicles, including a Bristol, several beautiful Mercedes Pagoda SLs and 190SLs, and a number of BMWs featured in previous Hitting Redline videos - plus numerous others. Enjoy the video, and keep an eye out for more soon. Read more about Manchester Car Show 2014: Video


Raw Sound: BMW 540i (E39) with Dinan Exhaust

The idea for this series came from a surplus and a need. While Hitting Redline focuses on collecting cinematic shots while on shoots, we often end up with raw audio clips that have low-quality video to go with them. And although a "Raw Footage" series seemed in the works for a little while, it seemed more appropriate to create a catalogue of automotive sound clips that could potentially create an album for the mechanical music as it deserves to be heard for pure, high-quality review. The opening of this series is the video above, featuring an E39 BMW 540i and its M62tu V8 and six-speed manual transmission, played through the amplifier that is a resonator-free Dinan exhaust (this E39 also has a Stage 2 Dinan tune). Enjoy the video, and keep an eye out for more Raw Sound pieces in the coming weeks (as well as Hitting Redline's normal cinematic content). Read more about Raw Sound: BMW 540i (E39) with Dinan Exhaust

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Real Drivers: VW Beetle Turbo (Stage 3)

HittingRedline prides itself on variety, variety not only in manufacturers (which can be seen by the vastly different types of vehicles featured on the site), but in age - the passion for cars is not dependent on a vehicle's status as an antique, and I find that the automotive sub-culture of new car modifications is as fascinating as that for vintage vehicles. And Marty Irion with his 2012 Beetle Turbo is one of the best examples of the passion and eye for clean design that is so essential in creating a true enthusiast's car.

Check out the video above to learn more about Marty's Stage 3, K04-turbocharged Beetle, and keep an eye out for more videos in the coming weeks. As always, like HittingRedline on Facebook and follow us on Instagram to stay up to date on photos, videos, and upcoming releases. Read more about Real Drivers: VW Beetle Turbo (Stage 3)


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